These are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone/whatsapp: +34 643.380.464, email at or through the web chat.We will be happy to answer all your questions and that you join the Alma Secret Lovers community :-)

1. How can I understand the INGREDIENTS in the label?

We recommend that you read the labels because the more you know about the ingredients,, the more you will recognise and appreciate the quality of our products. All our labels are made according to the Spanish Cosmetic Legislation.

The ingredients are listed in descending order, from the highest to the lowest quantity in the formula, and are named with the international standard name (INCI), from the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, to ensure transparency about their composition. At Alma Secret, we like to put some names in brackets to make them easier to understand. However, we invite you to look in the "INGREDIENTS AND NATURAL ACTIVES" or "INGREDIENTS (INCI)" section of each product to learn more about them and their wonderful properties. 

2. How long can I KEEP my products?

We recommend that the products should preferably be used within 3-4 months of purchase or a maximum of 6 months to keep all their properties fresh. We do not use artificial preservatives such as parabens, which are what make creams last for years, but we are convinced that it is healthier to restructure the preservation and avoid such ingredients in our skin.  

3. How can I keep my products in perfect condition?

Our cosmetics are made with natural ingredients and are more sensitive than artificial ones. Therefore, they should not be exposed to heat, humidity or extreme temperature changes and should be kept away from direct sunlight. The best option is to keep them in a dry and fresh place. Another good idea to reduce the possible introduction of bacteria into the product is to use a spatula instead of sticking your fingers in it. It is also important not to leave jars open but to close them properly.  

4. Why has my product changed significantly?

The fact that we use a lot of natural ingredients means that our products may vary slightly in colour, aroma or consistency from batch to batch. These are natural variations that may occur in an isolated batch but do not change the efficacy or quality of the product in any way. 

5. Are Alma Secret products HYPOALLERGENIC?

Our cosmetics are skin-friendly. We do not use mineral oils, parabens, synthetic or toxic chemicals, silicones, sulphates or any petroleum-derived ingredients of unnatural origin or with proven allergic reaction problems. Nevertheless, if you have any sensitivities or allergies, we suggest that you test a small amount of product on your wrist, forearm or cleavage to make sure there is no reaction. In the event of any redness or irritation, stop using the product. 

6. Are Alma Secret products COMEDOGENIC?

Comedogenic means that it causes blemishes (blackheads, acne or pimples). Our formulas are non-comedogenic but all skins do not react in the same way to ingredients or finished products. So, if you have any kind of sensitivity or a tendency to get blackheads on your skin, we suggest you choose our OIL-FREE formulas.

7. Are Alma Secret products GLUTEN-FREE?

Our products have not been gluten-free tested. We do not include gluten in our formulas, but we cannot guarantee that any of the natural ingredients we use in them may contain gluten if this is not specifically specified by the supplier. Therefore, if you have any kind of sensitivity, we suggest that you test before putting a small amount of product on your wrist or forearm to verify that there is no reaction. In the event of any redness or irritation, stop using the product. 

8. Are Alma Secret products suitable for PREGNANT WOMEN?

Our products are natural and gentle. In our catalogue, there are products that contain essential oils. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor if you have any doubts. You can check on each product sheet whether or not it is suitable for pregnant women. 

9. Do we test on ANIMALS?

NO. We neither do it directly nor ask others to do it for us. It is something that is not part of our philosophy. We are PeTA certified. 

10. Are Alma Secret products SAFE, are they TESTED?

Yes. We faithfully comply with all standards, regulations and safety requirements. We are always committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for our customers. That is why, each ingredient used is rigorously selected, checked and tested by our team of experts.In addition, to ensure maximum effectiveness, we test our products on consumers and collaborators who help us to improve them every day. 

11. Are Alma Secret products VEGAN?

A high % of our products are Vegan. They include no animal-derived ingredients, only vegetable ingredients. We have a few products in which we include donkey's milk, goat's milk, beeswax or honey. 

12. How many FREE SAMPLES will I receive?

Unless we indicate that we will send a specific number of samples in a promo, we send a minimum of 1-2 samples with each order. We usually increase the number of samples with larger orders.

13. Can I choose the SAMPLES I will receive?

Yes, you can indicate the products you would like to try and we will try to add this samples whenever possible and in stock. To choose samples, please indicate this in the box ADD COMMENTS ON YOUR ORDER.

14. What is the SIZE of the samples?

We always aim to help you choose the products that best suit your needs and skin type. That's why our samples are XXL. We want you to fall in love by trying our products over a reasonable period of time, which is why our mini-sachets are generous, 10ml (for facial cosmetics) or 15-30ml (for body or hair cosmetics). For some products where less quantity is needed, we send sachets with 3-8 ml.  

15. Do you have TRIAL SETS?

We will be selling temporarily different SAMPLE SETS at a reduced price to make it easier for you to try and discover how good our cosmetics are for your skin!

Find them in the section PACKS -> BEAUTY TRAVEL SET !

16. What kind of PACKAGING do you use?

We use efficient, simple and recyclable or reusable packaging with the aim of making them more sustainable. We like to focus our efforts and costs on what is really important: the ingredients and the quality of our formulas. Plastics are 100% recyclable and we are switching many of our packaging to glass.

17. Are products suitable for MEN?

Of course they are! Although we offer a range for men, all our products are UNISEX. Cosmetics should not be chosen according to gender but according to your needs, the type of skin you have or your personal taste in terms of aromas or textures.

18. What can I do if I want an INVOICE?

If you need an invoice, please write to us at indicating the simplified invoice number together with your billing details and we will send it to you via e-mail.

19. What is the NEWSLETTER?

From time to time, we send an informative newsletter in which we inform you about news, launches and promotions.

Join it to be always updated! Click here

Once you have joined, we will send you an email to complete the registration process. If you don't receive it, check your SPAM folder because sometimes it can go there. And if you have any problems , write us at so we can let you know your registration code! To unsubscribe, we will always make it very easy for you. At the end of the newsletters, click on "UNSUBSCRIBE" or write to and we will do it for you.

20. What is the 15% DISCOUNT CODE after the newsletter subscription?

With your Newsletter Welcome email, you will receive a 15% DISCOUNT CODE that you can apply to your order. Just copy and paste it into the "DISCOUNT CODE" box at the bottom of the shopping cart. And then click on "APPLY".

Use it whenever you want because it does not expire. You will not be able to accumulate discounts if, for example, we have an active promotion on the website, but you can save it for any other occasion :-)

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