Body Moisturisers

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Body moisturisers full of natural active ingredients, non-greasy formulas and incredible aromas. The best way to care for and nourish your skin every day.

Moisturising body cream, premium quality and 100% Natural

Keep ypur skin nourished with our body moisurisers!
Natural creams of premium quality. Ecological and fragrance-free, with a great scent.

Moisturising, paraben-free, firming body cream

Try our firming body cream to keep your skin hydrated. Creams are scented with natural ingredients such as rosehip, aloe vera or chocolate.

Benefit from the effective properties of our natural products!

Natural care for all skin types. Non-greasy formulas

Atopic skin? Get our creams with natural formulas and benefit from the effective properties of ingredients such as coconut, chocolate, aloe vera and urea.…

Try now our best sellers!

Moisturising cream for neck, legs and back

Not only for women but also for men! Our natural and ecological body creams are ideal for combination, mature or dry skin.

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