INCI: Citrus bergamia

    Citrus tree with inedible fruit. Its essence is extracted by pressing the rind of the fruit, it has a delicate shade of green and a very fresh and pleasant citrus aroma that everyone likes.

    It is a great antiseptic, anti-acne and healing agent, it is good for treating acne, oily skin and all types of skin infections. In addition, it is perfect to fight cold sores, eczema and psoriasis.

    It is used to accelerate the healing of superficial wounds and as an inhibitor of certain viruses such as cold sores.

    Precautions: It is a photosensitising essence, so be careful never to use it before exposure to the sun or UV rays. 


    In closed spaces it helps to clear the air as it is antiseptic and air freshener. It is also a good insect repellent, especially when used in combination with lavender or other essential oils.

    It is one of the most valuable oils to help in mental and physiological states against depression.

    It helps to boost your mood.

    It is antidepressant. Relieves stress and anxiety to help calm the central nervous system and promote sleep.

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