INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

    It is a universal oil, with a composition similar to that of human sebum and a great affinity with the skin and hair. It is perfect for all skin types: dry, normal, combination, oily or even very oily, atopic or acne-prone skin. Also ideal for children and babies.

    An oil that prevents dehydration by preventing water loss from the skin cells and revitalises asphyxiated skin. It is highly nourishing and penetrates deep into the epidermis without leaving a greasy film on the surface. Its dry texture and original composition allow it to reinforce the hydrolytic layer. It is a rebalancing oil, with a sebum regulating action on oily skins.

    It also has a soothing and healing action on sensitive skin due to its regenerating and anti-ageing properties. It maintains the skin's suppleness and elasticity by activating the elastin metabolism.

    It is protective and soothing, and is actively involved in smoothing and firming skin that is sagging or loose.

    For hair:

    Jojoba oil rebalances oily hair and restores vitality to dry and brittle hair, and in both cases adds shine and suppleness. It helps to regenerate the hair's natural keratin, strengthening it and giving hair shine and volume.

    It will also help to remove oil from the scalp and hair follicle. 

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