This oil is extracted from the Manketti tree (also called "Mongongo") which grows in the South of Africa.

    Local people use its oil as a conditioner and to detangle and strengthen the hair. The word 'BUHLE' means 'beauty' in Ndebele, the language spoken in the north-western region of Zimbabwe, where these seeds come from.

    It contains Omega 6 essential fatty acids and a high content of tocopherol and ?-Sitosterol, which give it a high antioxidant and barrier function.

    For hair:

    Manketti oil is a great anti-frizz hair oil, as its Alpha-eleostearic acid content (a very particular acid shared by few plant species) polymerises with UV light, and therefore has a filmogenic effect.

    Studies have confirmed the efficacy of the Manketti oil we use as an anti-frizz oil and have also confirmed that it increases the flexibility of the hair. 

    It also helps to detangle and strengthen the hair.

    For scalp:

    Reduces scalp inflammation.

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