INCI: Punica Granatum Seed Oil

    This oil contains punicic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid (omega 5) with a structure similar to that of linoleic acid. A unique acid renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory virtues. It is ideal for reactive, sensitive or irritated skin (eczema, chapped skin, shaving, etc.) and also for mature skin, with wrinkles or fine lines.

    In addition to its soothing properties, this oil stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes and skin thickening, making it an ideal oil for use in restorative treatments.

    Its regenerating and repairing activity is complemented by the presence of phytosterols, which have antioxidant and anti-free radical properties, making this oil an ally against the formation of wrinkles caused by the effects of UV rays, stress or environmental pollution.

    For hair:

    Revitalises and repairs damaged, dull and dry hair. A strengthening, protective and highly nourishing oil for your hair thanks to its high vitamin and antioxidant content.

    Helps detangle and eliminate frizz in curly hair while nourishing and adding strength and shine.

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