An innovative ultra-light and multifunctional active ingredient that deeply nourishes your hair without weighing it down, conditioning, improving its strength, restoring its elasticity, softness and shine. Protects against thermal damage, UV rays and dye fading.

    It helps to increase the density of the hair fibre, protects against heat and UV rays.

    This intelligent natural technology is based on phytosterols extracted from Abyssinia Oil and specific hair application studies show that it improves hair after 12 uses:

    - Improves elasticity by 191%

    - Increases hair shineby 50%.

    - It is a great hair conditioner (immediate effect by increasing hair volume).  

    - It shows significant levels of protection against damage induced by high temperature straighteners (180°C), as well as colour protection against UV rays and seawater damage.

    - It also protects and maintains the natural vitality of the hair against mechanical and environmental stress.

    Based on long-chain triglycerides that concentrate highly oxidation-resistant C22 fatty acids. Due to its high molecular weight, it is more stable against heat. Maintains vital water balance to keep hair in optimal condition.

    It is an ideal active ingredient for all hair types, and especially improves curly hair. 

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